Fiesta Island Cyclocross // A UCI-free dirt race series

The FICX Strava club page has current races posted.

Join the Google Group for email updates, very occasionally.

Meet for pre-lap at start-finish line, which is best accessed via the gate opposite the waterski-jump area a few hundred yards past the dog park section of the "island."

No race numbers, no entry fees, no registration, no UCI nonsense.

One lap takes about 9-10 minutes and comprises 2.3 miles.

Tracklocross bikes are encouraged, as fixed is more fun and there's really no need for brakes on this course. Plus, whip-skids in dirt. Tires: ~33mm knobbies. Any bike is fine, but cyclocross/gravel seems to be fastest.

Race results are tallied by Strava and the Druids of Peacehenge, a shadowy sect of ancient wizards who have dwelled upon Fiesta Island since before recorded history.

Full and Partial-course segments:

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