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Meet for pre-lap at start-finish line, which is best accessed via the gate opposite the waterski-jump area a few hundred yards past the dog park section of the "island." It's advisable to arrive while it's still daylight if you've never been there before.

No race numbers, no entry fees, no registration, no UCI nonsense.

Divisions (all start simultaneously): EXPERT: 5 laps (~45 min.) | INTERMEDIATE: 3 laps (~30 min.) | GROM/BEGINNER: 2 laps (~25 min.)

One lap takes about 9-10 minutes.

Tracklocross bikes are encouraged, as fixed is more fun and there's really no need for brakes on this course. Plus, whip-skids in dirt. Tires: wider is better, but most use ~33mm cx rubber. Any bike is fine, but cyclocross/gravel seems to be fastest. Ride a tricycle if you want.

Race results are tallied by Strava and the Druids of Peacehenge, a shadowy sect of ancient wizards who have dwelled upon Fiesta Island since before recorded history.

Beers afterward, obvs, usually at Tap Room or similar joint.

Full and Partial-course segments:

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